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Balancing a busy life with good nutrition often feels like an impossible task. Especially in England, obesity and related diseases are increasingly becoming a major cause of death.

Obesity affects at least 300 million people worldwide, and has tripled in this country over the past 20 years, now reaching 20 per cent of adults and 10 per cent of children. Forecasts suggest that unless urgent and effective actions are taken, by 2010 almost 30 per cent of UK adults and children will be obese.

It is not just because of our lifestyle changes, but also because of the food industry that develops food products which are not healthy and well balanced. Bad eating habits lead to a poor diet and consequent health disorders. The most visible disorder is weight gain.

In order to modify their habits, people need nutrition advices, as prevention is the most important factor to healthy, well balanced eating.

It’s the role of a Diet and Nutrition adviser.


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