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The fundamentals of the method

Listen to your body: in order to find your individual and natural balanced weight, and keep it for life.

A well balanced diet: most of our discomforts disappear with a well balanced diet. Food is a gift, not an enemy.

A tailored diet: a well balanced diet must take into account your personal taste, age, and lifestyle.

A technical and psychological support: It is necessary to be helped during the set-up of your new eating habits, and also during the follow-up for 6 to 12 months. This will ensure the benefits are durable and effective, and also that you have integrated all the knowledge so as to be self-sufficient in defining your own eating plan and adapting it over the years.

A training is important to understand what we eat in order to avoid making mistakes. It is often simple food and ingredients that are the most beneficial for your body and your health. With this training you will know how to select your own food, and how to cook it in order to get the best out of it: the flavour, the pleasure and the nutritional value.

... adapted to everybody: men, women, teenagers, children, families who have already tried all types of diets.