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Compose your meals


• Fruit (vitamins, and fibre) or a fruit juice (vitamins)
• Complex carbohydrates: bread, banana…
• Dairy product (proteins and calcium)
• Some liquid to hydrate your body (tea, coffee, fruit juice, herbal tea …)


Think about a proper lunch so that you feel full for the whole afternoon. To be well balanced, lunch must consist of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Exemple :

• Salads (with 1 teaspoonful of olive oil)
• Complex carbohydrates (pasta, rice, couscous…) with butter
• Fish or meat or egg
• Dairy product
Or :

• Green vegetable
• Fish or meat or egg
• Bread
• Cheese
• 1 fruit




For people who have a high tea early (around 5pm), the lunch should be lighter.

Tea break

For people having dinner around 7pm, a small snack can be taken at around 4-5 pm: fruit, bread, dairy product

High tea (early) or Dinner (late)

This meal should be lighter than the lunch and taken at least 2 hours before bedtime.

• Soup or green vegetables or salad
• Fish or meat or egg
• 1 yogurt or fromage frais (20%)
• Bread or complex carbohydrates (depending on your appetite)
• 1 fruit

Fatty cheese and deserts should be avoided

Food additives "Light" products Learn to read
labels on foods